FSTEC of Russia revealed statistics and plans for the transition of Russian OS to the domestic branch of the Linux kernel


Currently, only three certified domestic Linux operating systems use a kernel supported by the Linux Kernel Security Research Technology Center. According to 3DNews, this was announced by the head of the second department of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC of Russia) at the IX International Scientific and Practical conference OS Day 2022 held in Moscow Dmitry Shevtsov.

“We have three certified software platforms that operate on the basis of the domestic branch of the Linux kernel 5.10, selected as the main one and supported by the specialists of the Technology Center. The rest of the Russian software companies are carrying out the relevant preparatory work and intend to transfer their OS to the mentioned core in the near future,” the representative of the department said.

According to the FSTEC of Russia, the Technological Center’s developments are already involved in the distributions “Alt 8 SP”, “Red OS” and “OSnova”. By the end of 2023, developers of the operating systems Astra Linux Special Edition, Rosa Cobalt, AlterOS, SintezM, Zircon 37K, EMIAS OS plan to transfer their products to the safe Linux kernel recommended by the regulator. The possibility of connecting to the Russian branch of the Linux 5.10 kernel of the Open Mobile Platform company engaged in the development and promotion of the Aurora OS for portable devices is not excluded.

Note that due to the departure of Microsoft, Russian government authorities were ordered to urgently switch to Linux. Government agencies are now urgently changing Windows to Astra Linux. Rusbitech has been developing it on the Debian distribution since 2008. According to the information
According to The Moscow Times, hundreds of contracts have already been placed for the purchase and installation of Linux with a total cost of several billion rubles. The customers were Gazprom, Rosatom, regional governments, Rosaviation, etc.

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