The neural network has learned to play Minecraft


OpenAI demonstrated a neural network that can play Minecraft. Earlier, the developers of this company showed artificial intelligence that can create images based on a text description.

A new project from specialists was trained on videos that demonstrated neural networks without prior preparation and labeling.

The neural network was trained in stages. The videos of experienced players who demonstrated competent actions were taken as a basis. At first, the simplest videos were shown, which explained the controls. The total duration of all the recordings studied by the neural network was more than 70 hours.

As noted, two classes attracted the most of the AI—driven character – cow hunting and “jumping on a pole”, thanks to which blocks are created. The neural network was also able to find diamonds and create a pickaxe from them.

OrepAI engineers were satisfied with the result and noted that such a system of preliminary training with the help of videos showed incredibly high efficiency.

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