One of Toyota’s enterprises was attacked by extortionate software


The TB Kawashima enterprise, which is part of the Japanese manufacturer of automotive components Toyota Boshoku, which in turn is part of the Toyota group of companies, reported a cyberattack. Although the company does not name the person responsible for the incident, it is presumably the LockBit cyber-extortion group.

According to TB Kawashima, the computer networks of one of the “daughters”, a Thai trading company, were hacked, as a result of which all affected devices had to be disconnected. According to the company, the incident did not affect the production and sales of Toyota Boshoku Group, and all operations are carried out as normal.

The company notified law enforcement agencies about the attack and turned to information security specialists for help in assessing its consequences.

The LockBit cyber-extortion group took responsibility for the incident. Cybercriminals reported this on their darknet leaks website
on June 17, 2022. On June 25, the group began posting files allegedly
stolen from TB Kawashima.

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