Electronic tattoo will replace the tonometer


American experts have developed a technology for applying electronic tattoos. It is able to measure blood pressure without the help of additional devices. This is reported by the Physorg publication.

The tattoo is a very thin graphene sensor that can be applied to the wrist. Allegedly, the accuracy of the definition is higher than in advertised wrist devices like smart watches and bracelets.

“Blood pressure is the most important vital indicator that you can measure, but methods of passive measurement outside the clinic, without a cuff, are very limited,” said Deji Akinvande, professor and one of the co—leaders of the project.

A huge plus of the scientists’ development lies in the convenience and continuity of monitoring, which is very important for people with cardiovascular health problems and for athletes. Cuff tonometers are bulky and are usually used when the condition worsens significantly. Bracelets can also shift on the arm and give incorrect readings because of this. In addition, they require recharging. And at this time, a person does not receive information.

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