Hacker RaHDIt: the Center of Information and Psychological Operations of Ukraine has been working against Russia for years


A hacker from the RaHDIt group anonymously told reporters that the Ukrainian 72nd Center for Information and Psychological Operations (CIPsO) had been working against Russia for several years, reports
RIA News.

The hacker said that in total four similar centers have been created in Ukraine. The main one, the 72nd, was located in the city of Brovary, the 83rd – in Odessa, the 74th — in Lviv and the 16th – near Zhytomyr. For several years, the main center conducted information operations in Russia, and not only in the regions bordering Ukraine, but also in large cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg.

“We saw it from the same documents that were received by our friends from the Ukrainian women’s group “Beregini”,” the interlocutor pointed out to the media.

The hacker stressed that the specialists of this center have good training, and they have a lot of people — more than 150 people worked in the 72nd center. There is information that foreign specialists came to train employees in Ukraine.

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