Amazon will return your deceased relative to you


Amazon has introduced a new Alexa voice assistant feature that will allow it to speak in the voice of a deceased relative.

After listening to the voice for a minute, Alexa will be able to simulate this voice during a conversation. During the demonstration of the function, the child asked Alexa to read a fairy tale in the voice of his grandmother, who is no longer alive.

There are also potential security issues related to the ability to accurately recreate a voice sample. Most likely, users will be required to agree to use the option, since there is an ethical question about the right to use the voice of the deceased. In addition, it is not known whether the voice will be stored on the device or the company’s servers

According to an Amazon representative, the voice imitation function is not intended for deceased family members. The option is based on Amazon’s latest advances in text-to-speech, where the team created a high-quality voice using a voice filter instead of hours of live voice recording.