The identity of the administrator of the famous RSOCKS botnet has been revealed


On June 16, the authorities of the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK eliminated the RSOCKS botnet. On June 22 , KrebsOnSecurity experts revealed the identity of the botnet owner . This is a 35-year-old Russian living abroad, who is also the head of the world’s largest spam forum RUSdot Mailer.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Justice In the USA, RSOCKS offered customers access to the IP addresses of many hacked IoT devices: “A cybercriminal could use a web browser to rent access to a proxy pool for a day, week or month. The cost of access to the RSOCKS proxy pool ranged from $30 per day for access to 2,000 proxies to $200 per day for access to 90,000 proxies”, – stated in the statement of the US Department of Justice.

He was a member of the Verified Russian forum under the nickname Stanx, then changed his name to RSOCKS. Prior to that, the Russian was registered on the Antichat forums since 2005 and Exploit since 2013. In one of the first messages in Antichat in 2005, Stanx reported that he was from Omsk.

Researchers of the Intel 471 information security company found a cached version of the Vkontakte profile
Denis “Neo” Kloster from Omsk. Currently, Denis’s Vkontakte profile is open and available for viewing.

According to the experts of the company Constella Intelligence, the real name of the hacker is Denis Emeliantsev. Denis also owns several domain names: proxy[.]info, allproxy[.]info, and

According to the website , a 35-year-old man was born in Omsk, he got his first computer at the age of 12, and he graduated from school at 16. Kloster says that he worked in many large companies in Omsk as a system administrator, web developer and photographer. According to Kloster, his first real job was managing his own online advertising company in Omsk.

It is also known that Denis lived in New York for a certain time, having received a US visa in Bangkok. “Something new was needed, and I decided to leave Omsk and try to live in the States. “I discovered an American visa, it was not difficult to get it. And so I moved to live in New York, the largest city in the world, in a country where all wishes come true. But even that wasn’t enough for me, and since then I started traveling the world“,” Kloster wrote in 2013.

In 2016 on a post dedicated to three years of operation of the site was published. The record said that Kloster’s anonymous business had grown to almost 20 employees

“Thanks to you, we are now developing in the field of information security and anonymity! We make products that are used by thousands of people around the world, and it’s very cool! And this is just the beginning!!! We don’t just work together, and we’re not just friends, we’re family.”– Denis wrote in the blog.

“RSocks ceases to exist, but don’t worry. All active plans and remaining funds will be transferred to another service. Stay tuned. We will let you know its name and all the details later”– Denis wrote after the closure of the RSOCKS botnet on the BlackHatWorld forum .

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