Pegasus spyware was used in 5 European countries


Israeli spyware supplier NSO Group admitted to the European Union that Pegasus
it was used by the governments of 5 European countries.

According to the report
Politico, NSO Group admitted that “made mistakes” She also stressed the need to create an international standard regulating the use of spyware by the government.

Earlier in April 2022, a special committee was set up to investigate alleged violations of EU law after it became clear that Pegasus spyware was being used to spy on the phones of politicians, diplomats and activists.

“The Committee will examine existing national laws regulating surveillance and find out whether Pegasus spyware was used for political purposes against journalists, politicians and lawyers”, — the European Parliament declared in March 2022.

Pegasus software has been used by governments around the world to spy on political dissidents, heads of state, journalists and activists. Spain, Saudi Arabia, India, the UAE and other countries are accused of using Pegasus.

The Pegasus spyware operator can discreetly gain full control over the victim’s phone, including the ability to:

  • get access to messages;
  • intercept phone calls;
  • use the phone as a remote listening device.

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