Microsoft accuses Russia of cyber attacks against Ukraine’s allies


The latest Microsoft report says that Russian hackers conducted numerous cyber espionage operations against Ukraine’s allies after the start of the special operation. “The cyber aspects of the armed conflict go far beyond the borders of Ukraine and reflect the unique nature of cyberspace,” Microsoft President Brad Smith said.

The Russian embassy in Washington did not immediately comment on Microsoft’s accusation. Earlier, Russia denied conducting cyber espionage operations, as this contradicts the principles of Russian foreign policy.

Experts have already tracked a number of destructive cyber attacks on Ukrainian organizations by Russian hacker groups since the start of the special operation. The Microsoft report says that the researchers found 128 organizations in 42 countries outside of Ukraine that were subjected to hacker attacks focused on espionage. According to the company’s researchers, the United States, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Poland – countries that provided critical support to Ukraine during the conflict – suffered the greatest number of attacks. Finland and Sweden, the countries that have declared their desire to join NATO, have also suffered.

“The targets of the attacks were government organizations of countries, think tanks, humanitarian groups and suppliers of critical infrastructure,” the report says. According to Microsoft, hacker attacks were successful in about 29 percent of cases and in some cases led to the theft of valuable data.

Earlier, Russian hackers tried to penetrate the networks of NATO and the armed forces of the European Union. One of the groups posed as military personnel allegedly extorting money for the rescue of relatives in Ukraine.

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