BEAC and RTK-Solar have implemented the largest leak protection project in Russia


The Solar Dozor implemented in the Savings Bank is the largest installation in Europe — it is a data leak protection system, which is currently distributed to all divisions of the bank and ensures the security of their information assets. In addition, the system also monitors more than 250 thousand workstations.

In addition to the external circuit, Solar Dozor also works inside the bank, protecting customers’ personal data and other important, confidential information from leaks. This is possible thanks to the use of a DLP (Data Leak Prevention) class product. The DLP system allows both to control regular correspondence and to take preventive measures to prevent data leaks from the computers of bank employees. All centralized channels from leaks are also monitored.

The product processes events, informs the rapid response team about a possible leak and is integrated with one of the largest SOC (Security Operations Center) in the world. The Solar Dozor project was implemented in just six months.

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