The police of Belgium and the Netherlands eliminated a group of cybercriminals


The operation was carried out by the police of Belgium and the Netherlands with the support of Europol . Police in the Netherlands arrested nine people – eight men and one woman aged 25 to 36 years, and searched 24 houses in the country.

Police seized firearms, electronics, jewelry, cash and cryptocurrency from the suspects. An investigation has been launched by the Belgian authorities, and the attackers arrested in the Netherlands will be handed over to Belgium.

According to police, the suspects engaged in phishing and other Internet scams that helped them earn millions of euros. The cybercriminals sent the victims emails, text messages and WhatsApp messages with a link to a fake bank website that was designed to collect the target’s credentials. After collecting the data, the attackers gained access to the victim’s bank account.

“The scammers used money mules to transfer and cash out funds from the victims’ accounts. The members of the group were also connected with criminal cases of drug trafficking and firearms,” Europol said in a statement.

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