Ministry of Internal Affairs: Russia lacks 170 thousand IT specialists


Russia lacks about 170 thousand IT specialists due to the fact that employees of this profile have left the country en masse. This was stated by the State Secretary – Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Igor Zubov.

According to him, a large outflow of IT specialists from Russia occurred in connection with the sanctions. “A million people are employed in the industry,” Zubov is quoted as saying by TASS.

How many specialists will actually arrive depends on the attractiveness of the measures taken, the Deputy Interior Minister noted. It is assumed that the average salary of IT specialists will be 140 thousand rubles.

Recall that on June 15, the State Duma adopted a law on the right to obtain a residence permit in Russia in a simplified manner for foreign IT specialists, bypassing obtaining a temporary residence permit. Together with them, their spouses, children (including foster children), spouses of children, grandparents, grandchildren will be able to get a residence permit.

According to the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC), 50,000-70,000 IT specialists left Russia in March, and another 70,000-100,000 people left in April. At the end of May, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that about 85% of IT specialists who left the country recently returned to Russia.

On June 20, the head of the Ministry of Finance Maksut Shadaev explained that according to his data, about half of the IT specialists who left the Russian Federation continue to work for Russian companies for various reasons, including because of the already formed culture of remote work.

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