How to get a neighbor: More than 4 million Britons hack neighbor’s Wi-Fi


In a study conducted by broadband Internet provider Konnect, it was found that more than 4 million people hack their neighbors’ Wi-Fi to avoid a large subscription fee.

The study, which involved about 2,000 respondents, also confirmed that on average one hacker used his neighbor’s Internet without permission for 52 days, and more than 20 people used someone else’s Internet connection throughout the year.

Using a neighbor’s internet connection without permission is called “Piggybacking”. According to the provider’s statistics, about 35% of respondents used the neighbor’s Internet without permission. In addition, Konnect managed to find out that many people go to McDonald’s and other public places to download movies, games or TV shows.

Only 1% of hackers consider their act wrong. Most of the survey participants admitted that they hacked the neighbor’s marshurtizer by guessing the password, information from YouTube videos or smart friends/relatives.

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