Flagstar Bank has become another victim of the Accellion hack


The American bank reported a major data leak, but did not share details of the attack. Hackers gained access to the company’s data in early December 2021. The investigation was completed in early June 2022 and confirmed that the attackers had gained access to files containing personal information of 1.5 million people.

According to a report by Flagstar Bank, the social security numbers of some customers turned out to be in the hands of hackers. At the moment, the bank claims that the attackers did not use the stolen data in fraudulent schemes.

Recall that this is the second time that Flagstar has become a victim of hackers. In March 2021, the bank suffered from a gang of Clop extortionists, who began to switch to a new tactic: the attackers sent letters directly to the bank’s customers, demanding to pay a ransom for stolen personal data.

The leak of Flagstar customer data was the result of the Accellion FTA hack, which occurred at the end of 2020. In addition to the bank, the hack affected many Accellion clients, including the oil and gas giant Shell, the University of California, Stanford University Medical School, the Canadian engineering company Bombardier, the American railway company CSX Corporation, etc.

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