A long-awaited feature has been added to 7-Zip


The 7-Zip archiver has added support for the Windows “Mark-of-the-Web” security feature, which protects against downloaded malicious files.

When you download a document and an executable file from the Internet, Windows adds a special alternative data stream to the file «Zone.Id» under the name Mark-of-the-Web (MoTW). The ID informs Windows that the file was downloaded from another computer or from the Internet and may be dangerous after opening.

When you try to open the downloaded file, Windows will check for MoTW and ask the user to confirm the file launch.

Microsoft Office will also check for Mark-of-the-Web and open the document in protected read-only mode and with macros disabled.

To enable MoTW, find and open “7-Zip File Manager”, then click “Tools”, next “Parameters”. On the 7-Zip tab, you can see a new option called “Distribute the Zone stream.Id» and the ability to set for the value “No”, “Yes”
or “Only for Office files”. To use the new feature, you need to download version 7-zip 22.0 from the website 7-zip.org .

For many years, security researchers, developers and engineers have been asking 7-Zip developer Igor Pavlov add a security feature to the archiving utility. And last week at 7-Zip 22.00, which distributes MoTW from the downloaded archive to all extracted files.

Earlier, Microsoft added a new feature in Windows 11 called “Privacy Audit”, which shows the access history of each application to the microphone, geolocation and other data.

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