SpiralLinux is a new Debian–based distribution


The anonymous creator of GeckoLinux (an openSUSE—based Linux distribution) has developed SpiralLinux, a Debian-based distribution whose goal is to make Debian user-friendly.

According to the developer, the project will help to use Debian with all the main advantages without configuring many functions. SpiralLinux will make Debian usable with minimal user effort. To do this, SpiralLinux uses the official Debian repositories to set up an individual system.

In addition, SpiralLinux contains the following functions:

  • VirtualBox support out of the box;
  • Pre-installed proprietary media codecs and paid package repositories;
  • Pre-installed proprietary firmware;
  • Printer Support;
  • Flatpak support via graphical interface;
  • zRAM swap is enabled by default;
  • Multiple desktop environments (Cinnamon, XFCE, Gnome, Plasma, MATE, Budgie, LXQt).

Debian adheres to free open-source packages, so the user must independently deal with codecs, drivers and other packages to configure the working environment. SpiralLinux contains pre-installed options that are not initially available when installing Debian. Moreover, SpiralLinux can be a useful alternative to Debian.

If you wanted to try Debian, but didn’t want to waste time on initial setup, you can try SpiralLinux. The distribution kit can be downloaded on the project page on GitHub .

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