A cybersecurity consortium will appear in Russia


In connection with the intensification of hacker attacks at the end of February on the Russian IT infrastructure after the events in Ukraine, the largest Russian companies in the field of information security plan to join forces in developing common solutions within the framework of a new consortium, Kommersant writes with reference to market participants.

The idea was put forward by the founder of Positive Technologies, Yuri Maksimov, Kaspersky Lab, R-Vision, specialized divisions of Russian Railways, Rosatom and a number of others can join him.

“We are joining forces to systematically improve the industry in order to create a product with which, in the event of a cyber conflict, one state will not be able to cause unacceptable damage to another,” Maximov said.

The initiative was supported by the Ministry of Finance. The head of the department, Maksut Shadaev, in an interview with Kommersant during the SPIEF, noted that the cybersecurity industry is experiencing “certain difficulties”, as the volume of orders has increased, companies have started testing infrastructure, the demand for pentests and Bug Bounty has increased. He stressed that the project is commercial, not state-owned, and the consortium will allow “optimizing forces.”

Kaspersky Lab is also ready to explore
the possibility of joining the consortium. The intention to join the consortium was also
announced in R-Vision.

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