Microsoft’s Tuesday Fix stays with us


In April, Microsoft introduced Windows Autopatch, an automatic update service for some Windows 10 and 11 enterprise customers. According to Microsoft representatives, Autopatch should make it easier for administrators to manage and deploy Windows updates and Microsoft 365 applications, as well as make Patch Tuesday for enterprises “the most common Tuesday.” The service is currently in the public preview stage and will be available in early July 2022 for Microsoft customers with a Windows Enterprise E3 license or higher.

However, last week several large information technology companies and well-known news outlets caused confusion by calling the Tuesday of corrections of June 14 “the last Tuesday of corrections in history”, “the end of Tuesday of corrections” and “the end of an era”. Microsoft has refuted all these claims, saying that the launch of Windows Autopatch will not be the end of Tuesday’s fixes. The company will continue to release security updates every second Tuesday of the month.

The confusion could be caused by the fact that organizations using Windows Autopatch will have a standard update release schedule, but fixes for critical vulnerabilities will be released faster.

Recall that in one of the last Tuesday fixes, the sensational 0-day vulnerability of Follina and 55 other vulnerabilities of varying severity were fixed.

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