A rocket alarm went off in Israel


According to the statement of the Israeli Armed Forces (IDF, Israel Defense Forces, IDF), a false alarm about a rocket attack, which sounded on the evening of June 19 in some areas of Jerusalem (Talpiot, Katamon and Beit Hakerem) and in Eilat for 1 hour, could have been caused by a cyber attack.

The Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD) suspects that the system failure occurred due to a cyber attack on the siren control system. The relevant authorities have been instructed to take measures to mitigate the threat.

According to former IDF deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan (Meretz), Israel is preparing for Iran’s attempts to damage the country with cyber warfare. “The alarm system of the army was not violated. Only the municipal siren was hacked, which is very disturbing. If there is a breach in the system, it should be closed immediately.”– said Golan.

Recently, several Israeli electric power companies were subjected to cyber attacks by the Moses Staff group, which promised to turn off the power supply and “plunge the country into darkness.”

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