The Bank of Russia plans to replace ApplePay and GooglePay


During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova told reporters that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will consider the idea of creating a single payment application for Russians, the analogue of which was Google Pay and Apple Pay that left Russia. This is reported by Kommersant.

“We consider it possible to consider the idea of one of the banks to create a kind of unified mobile application for making payments. But since this idea appeared only at this round table, I think we need to work on it together with the banks,” the official said.

One of the options is to finalize the existing payment service “SBPay”, which is currently being actively implemented by banks. However, there is a risk that as a result of such improvements, this payment service may be blocked on Apple smartphones.

Recall that in March, Apple Pay and Google Pay turned out to be virtually inaccessible to Russian users, SamsungPay allows you to link only Mir cards. The services “SberPay” or “Tinkoff-pay” work only in online stores. You can use Mir-Pay offline, but only Mir cards are connected to it.

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