SPIEF: The sovereign Internet allows Russia to feel at ease in the current situation


Tatiana Matveeva, Head of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies and Communications Infrastructure, spoke about the importance of Internet security. She recalled this during the session “Information Struggle: Protection of national media sovereignty”.

Matveeva stressed that Russia, due to recent events, had to face a large number of cyber threats. However, it was the prepared legislative framework that helped to repel hacker attacks. And the law on the sovereign Internet of 2019 made it possible to prepare for the ongoing information war.

Matveeva noted that now there is an information war, and in this regard, Russia is greatly helped by the built system of the sovereign Internet. It allows the country to feel “good” within the Runet.

During the session, the issue of the possibility of creating a cyber army that could conduct not only defensive actions, but also offensive ones was also discussed.

“The existing information security doctrine of the Russian Federation explicitly prohibits offensive measures. We may not need attacking troops, but we need the ability to create mechanisms for actively suppressing cyber attacks. We are in a serious confrontation, and we must have the tools to defend our interests,” said Igor Lyapunov, General Director of RTK—Solar.

Tatiana Matveeva commented that this issue can be considered.

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