Chinese inventor sentenced to 1 year in prison in the USA


A former professor at the University of Arkansas’ High Density Electronics Center has been jailed for 1 year for failing to disclose Chinese patents for his inventions.

Professor Simon So-Teong Ang was charged in 2020 with fraud using electronic means of communication and passport forgery. The US Department of Justice accused the professor of a cover-up “relations with companies and institutions in China” from the University of Arkansas and US government agencies for which the Electronics Center conducted research under the contract.

Assistant Attorney General for National Security John S. Demers called the actions of Ang “a sign of China’s focus on research and academic cooperation in the United States for the purpose of illegally obtaining American technologies.” The Justice Department said in a statement that Eng’s actions had a negative impact on NASA and the US Air Force.

In fact, Ang has 24 patents in his name in China. According to the US Department of Justice, Ang also did not report his numerous awards for talent from the Communist Party of China. On Thursday, the U.S. District Court in Fayetteville sentenced Ang to 1 year and 1 day for hiding information about patents in China.

As an employee of the university, Ang was obliged to disclose patents for inventions to the University of Arkansas, so that the University, and not Chinese organizations, could enjoy intellectual property rights to the professor’s innovations.

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