8 years for thousands of nude photos


A California resident who hacked thousands of Apple iCloud accounts was sentenced to 8 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to computer fraud in October 2021.

In September 2014, 41-year-old Hao Kuo Chi from La Puente began fraudulent activities under the name «icloudripper4you». He positioned himself as a person capable of hacking iCloud accounts and stealing all the information.

“The attacker directed a malicious campaign from his computer, causing fear and suffering to hundreds of victims. The FBI is committed to protecting the American people by exposing cybercriminals and bringing them to justice.”, FBI Agent David Walker said.

According to court documents, to compromise the victim’s account, Chi used an email in which he posed as an Apple customer service representative and fraudulently forced the victim to hand over his Apple ID and password. After compromising the iCloud account, the cybercriminal searched for nude photos and videos in iCloud (Chi called them “winnings”) and shared them with accomplices who published the stolen material on the Internet. Chi also posted several photos and videos on the “revenge porn” site Anon-IB (closed at the moment) without the consent of the victims to “intimidate or embarrass”.

“Chi’s email contained the credentials of about 4,700 victims. He sent stolen content to accomplices more than 300 times”, — the US Department of Justice reported.

In addition, the attacker saved 3.5 TB of stolen content from more than 500 victims in the cloud and physical storage. “Chi made hundreds of US women fear for their safety and reputation”, — said U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg.

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