The head of Brave criticized DuckDuckGo for loyalty to Microsoft Bing and LinkedIn trackers


Brave CEO Brendan Eich criticized DuckDuckGo’s competitor for trying to “smooth out” the fact that his browser for Android, iOS and macOS allows Microsoft Bing and LinkedIn trackers, although it blocks others.

Eich’s attention was attracted by one argument with which DuckDuckGo tried to justify the exception that his browser makes for Microsoft services. According to DuckDuckGo, blocking Bing and LinkedIn trackers does not give an agreement on search syndication.

“We block almost all non-search trackers (in our browser). Unfortunately, our search syndication agreement with Microsoft prohibits us from doing anything else with Microsoft property. However, we are constantly promoting and hope to do more soon”, – explained
DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg (Gabriel Weinberg) last month.

However, Eich is not inclined to believe Weinberg. According to him, DuckDuckGo also makes exceptions that allow Microsoft trackers to avoid blocking third-party cookies using the added URL parameters. At the same time, the browser does not allow Facebook cookies and others to bypass the block by adding identifiers to the URL.

As explained by Eich, DuckDuckGo removes the gclid (Google) and fbclid (Facebook) parameters, but skips the Microsoft msclkid parameter.

DuckDuckGo representatives called Eich’s conclusions erroneous.

“It seems that Brendan is referring only to clicks on ads, which are protected by our agreement with Microsoft as strictly non-professional (private). This ad is protected by a confidentiality agreement, and the way he filed it is ultimately misleading. Brendan, of course, concealed the fact that our advertising is closed, and there really is nothing new here, since everything has already been disclosed,” DuckDuckGo representatives told The Register.

In other words, allowing Bing to add its ID to URLs only allows advertisers to determine whether a user has clicked on their ad, but not to display targeted ads based on behavior or personality.

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