Disabling Internet Explorer caused panic in Japan


Microsoft has officially discontinued Internet Explorer since June 15. This decision caused panic among top managers in Japan, the Nikkei newspaper reports.

According to the source, many Japanese officials and top managers until recently postponed the transition to modern Internet resources. The browser was used not only to browse websites, but also as a means to control employee attendance. IE also allowed you to work with internal corporate tools.

As a result, a huge number of firms and government agencies in Japan now urgently need to find a replacement and transfer all work processes to a new program, as this threatens to disrupt the activities of employees.

According to the publication, Tokyo-based software developer Computer Engineering & Consulting (CEC) has been receiving an incredible number of orders for processing websites optimized only for Internet Explorer since April. It is expected that the chaos associated with the shutdown of the program in Japan will last at least several months.

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