Dawn of Justice: Interpol arrested 2,000 fraudsters linked to phone and online fraud schemes


Operation First Light (“Dawn”), which took place from March 8 to May 8, was directed against fraudsters behind crimes in the field of social engineering.

“The police of the countries participating in the operation conducted raids in national call centers suspected of telephone fraud, online fraud, romantic fraud and BEC fraud, as well as closely related to financial crimes and money laundering,” Interpol said.

Arrest during a raid on one of the call centers in Hong Kong.

According to Interpol, during the operation, the police conducted 1,770 searches, identified about 3,000 suspects, arrested about 2,000 operators, fraudsters and money launderers were arrested. The police also managed to confiscate about $ 50 million earned by fraudsters.

One of the most striking events of Operation Dawn was the arrest of a Chinese citizen who used a Ponzi scheme and managed to deceive 24,000 people with its help for a total of 34 million euros. The fraudster disguised the scheme as offers of profitable investments, which he distributed using social networks and word of mouth.

Interpol noted an increase in human trafficking on social networks, as well as a jump in the number of criminals posing as bank employees or even Interpol agents – thus attackers lure confidential information or money.

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