US Company Wants to Buy Pegasus Spyware


An American defense contractor is in talks to buy the technology underlying the spyware Pegasus the Israeli company NSO Group. The purchase will give the American firm control over one of the most sophisticated and coveted hacking tools.

According to joint report The Guardian, The Washington Post and Haaretz, discussions are focused on the sale of the core code or technology of the NSO Group, as well as on the possible transfer of the staff of an Israeli company to an American company L3Harris . Negotiations are still at a preliminary stage. Moreover, any agreement will require the approval of the American and Israeli authorities, which have not yet declared their support.

“Such a deal will cause serious concerns for the US government in terms of counterintelligence and security”– said the representative of the White House. The White House also denies any involvement in this deal.

The purchase of Pegasus will be a significant turn of fate for NSO, which was blacklisted by the United States last year after accusations of actions, “contrary to the foreign policy and national security interests of the United States.”

Pegasus software has been used by governments around the world to spy on political dissidents, heads of state, journalists and activists. The use of Pegasus is blamed Spain , Saudi Arabia, Morocco, El Salvador , Bahrain, India and the UAE .

Spy Operator BY Pegasus can gain full control over the victim’s phone:

  • get access to messages;
  • intercept phone calls;
  • use the phone as a remote listening device.

Previously , the FBI intended buy NSO Group Phantom Spyware . The US government was supposedly interested in the Phantom tool because the flagship Pegasus spyware from NSO did not work with American phone numbers.

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