The lawyer believes that the “edit“ and ”cancel sending” buttons in iMessage will increase the risk of sexual violence


Attorney Michelle Simpson Twiggle, who represents victims of sexual crimes, believes that adding the “edit” and “cancel sending” buttons poses a serious risk for those who are harassed and sexually assaulted.

According to Twiggle, the feature, which gives senders 15 minutes to edit or delete a message, allows attackers to easily cover their tracks by simply deleting messages with threats or explicit images. “This will make it much more difficult for victims and their lawyers to collect evidence of violence,” Twiggle said.

In her letter to Tim Cook, the lawyer recommended several changes to the editing and cancellation functions of sending messages:

  • Notifications about changing messages;

  • Reducing the time to delete and edit a message from 15 to 2 minutes.

Twiggle believes that 15 minutes is too much, because a criminal can reflect on what he has done and delete digital evidence. The lawyer recommends that Apple allow users to opt out of editing and canceling sending functions, as well as clarify whether it is possible to restore the original versions of messages by court order.

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