The Briton filed a lawsuit against Apple for $ 1 billion


In the UK, they sued Apple and demanded that it pay iPhone users almost $1 billion in compensation for misleading them about an energy management tool.

According to Bloomberg, market analyst Justin Gutmann has filed a petition to the Competition Appeal Tribunal for permission to file a class action on behalf of British iPhone users, of which there are about 25 million (this includes smartphone owners ranging from iPhone 6 to iPhone X).

According to the lawsuit, Apple abused its dominant position in the market by telling users that software updates at the end of 2016 extended the life of the battery, when in fact they imperceptibly “killed” it. According to Gutman, Apple hid a power management tool in the updates in order to hide the fact that the phone’s batteries cannot cope with the requirements of the new software.

“We have never done and will not do anything to intentionally shorten the service life of any Apple product or worsen the user experience in order to encourage an upgrade,” the Apple press service said.

In order to give the case a go, the class action must first be approved by the Competition Court of Appeal. The amount of compensation has yet to be determined, but Gutman and his lawyers believe that the company should pay the victims £768 million ($927 million).

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