Leading IT companies launch paid internships for aspiring professionals


Postgres Pro, Yandex, CyberOK and BELLSOFT will welcome the best schoolchildren, students and novice specialists in the field of development and cybersecurity into their open source projects.

A new All-Russian internship program for IT specialists “Code for All” is being launched by the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Circle Movement together with the country’s leading companies in the field of information technology. On a competitive basis, Postgres Pro, Yandex, CyberOK and BELLSOFT will accept the best schoolchildren, students and in the field of development and cybersecurity into their open source internships in their open source projects with a guaranteed payment of 120,000 rubles for the entire period.

Applications for the program are accepted until July 10 on the website https://foss .kruzhok.org/code-for-all . Participants who will receive invitations to internships will work on company projects under the guidance of mentors. Each intern will be able to work remotely and will receive a monthly scholarship or final remuneration from the program partners.

“The leading market players, following the principles and philosophy of open source, have united around the NTI Circle Movement and are launching a joint internship program for young IT specialists. “Code for Everyone” is an important story for the development of the industry, designed to involve young people in open source projects, give talented schoolchildren, students, graduates a chance to get into the dream team, prove themselves and, possibly, take one of the key steps in their future careers. In 2022, we are conducting “Code for Everyone” in a pilot mode with an eye to the fact that the program will become annual and will attract more and more participants – both companies and young developers,” said Dmitry Zemtsov, Vice Rector of the HSE, leader of the working group of the NTI “Circle Movement”.

In the first year, four large Russian IT companies participate in the “Code for All” program. They invite interns to participate in the revision of existing projects in the positions of developers, DevOps, information security specialists, etc. Postgres Pro offers students to work with the fastest growing and freely distributed DBMS in the PostgreSQL world. Yandex gives you the opportunity to gain experience in developing open source projects that are used in real company services. CyberOK invites novice specialists to participate in improving the cybersecurity of open source projects. BELLSOFT offers to solve practical problems in OpenJDK, a global open source project for the creation and development of a Java platform.

“Recent events have shown how vulnerable open source is, and to what extent the stability of the Internet infrastructure and corporate networks depends on its security. The CyberOK team invites novice pentesters, developers and cybersecurity specialists to contribute to improving the security of open solutions,” added Sergey Gordeychik, CEO of CyberOK.

“Many employees of our company started working with open source while still students,” said Ivan Panchenko, Deputy General Director of Postgres Professional. – A timely choice allows you to quickly integrate into the developer community and gain bright and productive experience during your studies for further professional development. For companies developing free software, the issue of community development is also extremely important. Therefore, after talking with colleagues from Yandex, we decided to organize a “Code for Everyone” contest aimed at promoting the development of open source code. Then we were joined by other companies who understand the importance of this project for the domestic IT industry.”

“Code for Everyone continues and expands the initiative of the Java Programming Olympiads, which annually gathered thousands of participants,” comments Alexander Belokrylov, CEO of BELLSOFT. – Our engineers have been contributing to the development of Java and OpenJDK for almost a quarter of a century on a par with Oracle, RedHat, SAP and Google. And we are happy to invite talented young professionals to join the team. Our open source products are used in many innovative projects: card processing, retail, gas production, online payments, government services and the most popular IT systems. Participants will be able to gain new professional competencies in the field of programming and practical experience in solving real problems in the OpenJDK project.”

“We at Yandex see great value in the development of the open source community. We ourselves have been contributing to work projects for a long time and with pleasure and not only. Therefore, we consider it important to support, including novice developers on this path,” said Sergey Berezhnoy, Director of Interaction with Yandex developers.

To apply for an internship, you need to choose the direction of interest, fill out a questionnaire in which to describe in detail your experience of contributing to open source projects, and attach a motivational essay. The experts of the companies will select the strongest participants and invite them for an internship. Most internships are available to participants over the age of 14, some places are intended for participants over the age of 18.

More information about the program and acceptance of applications – on the website https://foss .kruzhok.org/code-for-all .

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