Israel may be left without light


The Moses Staff group attacked several companies in Israel yesterday:

  • Israel Electric Corporation, the largest supplier of electricity in the occupied Palestinian territories ;
  • the service company in the rest of Israel Dorad Energy Ltd ;
  • supplier of technical solutions Reali Technologies ltd .

“This is just the beginning. From now on, irreparable damage will be done to you. We will punish you. The goal is clear and defined. This is only a small part of our access to your power grid. Soon you will be plunged into darkness”, — the group stated in a message on its website .

Earlier this year, Moses Staff attacked an Israeli defense company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems . According to information from the Moses Staff website, the group has already attacked 257 sites and stolen 34 TB of files and documents. Recall that the group Moses Staff spied on many Israeli organizations with using a multi-component set of tools .

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