Due to sanctions, the release of Baikal processors has been suspended


The Russian company Baikal Electronics may freeze the project of releasing server processors due to problems with placing orders at Taiwanese factories, Kommersant found out. According to sources, the TSMC factory refused to conclude new contracts, so the release and sale of Baikal-S has already been canceled.

In addition, the already produced batches of Baikal-M processors are not imported into the country — problems with access to production make supplies unreliable, and it is too risky to develop new computers with this processor, a top manager of one of the profile Russian enterprises shared.

Batches of already produced processors for Baikal-M computers and laptops also do not arrive in the Russian Federation. “This was discussed by the participants of the recent summit of design centers: problems with access to production facilities and foreign IP make supplies unreliable and it is too risky to put such a processor into the development of new computers,” adds a top manager of one of the profile enterprises.

Baikal Electronics had big plans for the server processor market. Last summer, the company presented its investment strategy until 2025. According to her, the chipmaker planned to release the Baikal-S processor first (the signal batch was released in December 2021), and then other types of chips. By the end of 2022, it was planned to order 300 thousand processors from TSMC, and by 2025 to double this figure.

Sources of the publication said that many large Russian companies, for example, Sber, counted on domestic processors as part of the import substitution policy. Now they will most likely have to return to foreign solutions by purchasing “gray” products.

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