The standard iPhone feature allows you to disclose your personal data


The user showed that anyone can see the hidden information in the photo using the standard function in the iPhone. By taking a screenshot, the user hides certain information (personal messages, phone or payment data) using a pen in the screenshot editing tool.

“If you sent a screenshot with strikethrough or darkened text, then the recipient can easily view the hidden information using the photo editing tool”, — the user declared.

In the Photos app, you need to click the edit button, then select “Exposure” and “Shine” and shift them to the maximum. After these actions, any hidden information becomes fully readable.

“If there is only one layer of black marker in the screenshot, then the text under it can be revealed. If there are several layers, then this function will not help”,” another user added.

Users are advised to trim confidential information from the screenshot to prevent the threat of using personal data for malicious purposes.

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