Firefox becomes the most confidential browser


Trying to make Firefox one of the most confidential and secure web browsers, Mozilla today announced the launch of a new privacy feature “Total Cookie Protection”.

Total Cookie Protection protects privacy by restricting cookies only within the visited site on which they are created. This prevents cookies from being used to track internet activity when you navigate multiple websites. Previously, privacy mode could be enabled manually, but now the anti-tracking feature is enabled by default in Firefox for Linux, macOS and Windows.

“By making Total Cookie Protection the default for all users, Firefox

I left Chrome and Edge far behind in the matter of privacy protection. Although advertising is central to the Internet economy, we should not forget about consumer privacy. Total Cookie Protection works by creating separate cookies for each website you visit. Instead of allowing trackers to link your behavior on multiple sites, they just see your actions on individual sites.”, — said Mozilla .

The Total Cookie Protection anti-tracking feature will be enabled by default when installing Firefox through the Mozilla Test Pilot new product testing program.

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