Cyber Extortionists demand $ 4.5 million ransom from the University of Pisa

Digest of amendments to Russian legislation on Information Security No. 20

According to the attackers’ demands, the university must pay $4.5 million by June 16. The attack came at an extremely difficult time for Italy, already weakened by another cyberattack that wreaked havoc in Palermo.

BlackCat uses a chat in the Tor browser to communicate with victims.

“This amount [4,5 миллиона долларов] It is necessary to restore access to encrypted files,” reads the note viewed by CyberSecurity360. BlackCat threatens to distribute the university’s secret vital data if the ransom is not paid on time.

CyberSecurity360 applied to the University of Pisa for an official statement about the hack, but at the time of writing there was no response.

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