Cloudflare has repelled a powerful DDoS attack


According to a statement from Cloudflare, the attack was directed at an unnamed website of a customer using a free data plan. The DDoS attack was carried out by a powerful botnet of 5067 devices, each node of which generated about 5200 RPS (requests per second) at its peak.

Chart of record attack

The botnet created a stream of more than 212 million HTTPS requests in less than 30 seconds. The attackers used more than 1,500 networks in 121 countries. Approximately 3% of the attack passed through Tor nodes.

According to Omer Joachimik from Cloudflare, hackers used hacked virtual machines and powerful servers of cloud service providers to carry out the attack, and not weak IoT devices. According to the company’s report, powerful DDoS attacks with speeds above 100 gigabits per second were 645% more than in the last quarter.

This is the second powerful DDoS attack prevented by Cloudflare in the last few months. At the end of April 2022, the company announced that it had prevented a DDoS attack with a speed of 15.3 million RPS. The attack lasted less than 15 seconds and was launched using a botnet consisting of 6 thousand unique hacked devices.

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