Beaver turned off the Internet in several Canadian cities


Beaver left several cities in British Columbia without Internet and cellular communication. The animal gnawed through an aspen tree, and it fell on the wires of BC Hydro and on the Telus fiber optic cable, writes CTV News.

The beaver gnawed through an aspen tree that fell on the BC Hydro line and damaged the Telus fiber optic cable stretched along the BC Hydro poles between Topley and Houston.

A fallen tree caused a fire, which was responded to by members of the Topley volunteer fire brigade.

BC Hydro spokesman Bob Gummer said that emergency crews found out that the culprit of the incident was a beaver, as traces of the animal’s teeth remained on the lower part of the fallen tree.

There was no Internet and communication in the houses for more than eight hours. Also, cashless payment terminals did not work in stores.

The damaged lines are located in a swampy area. The water level rose there, so the technicians took a long time to get to the accident site.

It is noted that the north-western Canadian areas are vulnerable to sabotage by beavers, because only one fiber-optic cable is laid between Prince George and Prince Rupert.

But in the future, the situation should change for the better, because CityWest is laying a second fiber-optic line that will run along the coast and connect it with Vancouver.

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