The Central Bank has proposed a mechanism to protect against credit fraudsters


Now anyone will be able to fix a ban on making a loan in their own credit history, according to the website of the Central Bank.

This mechanism should help reduce the risks of attackers using stolen personal data of citizens, including passport data, logins, passwords and more. To implement this initiative, the Bank of Russia has already prepared all the necessary documents and sent them for interdepartmental approval.

“Banks and microfinance organizations (MFOs) will have to check the presence of self-restrictions in the borrower’s credit history before issuing loans and loans. And if, despite the fact that they are in effect, the lender will still give out money, he will not be able to demand repayment of the debt,” said Mikhail Mamuta, head of the Service for Consumer Protection and Ensuring the Availability of Financial Services of the Bank of Russia.

As noted, restrictions may be different: by type of lender (bank or MFI), method of treatment (remotely or in the office), as well as for all or certain types of loans and loans.

It is assumed that the client will be able to set and remove such restrictions for free as many times as necessary, depending on the life situation.

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