Schneider Electric unveils Building Cybersecurity System


Schneider Electric and industrial cybersecurity company Claroty have announced the launch of a joint solution to ensure the security of smart buildings .

Buildings are becoming more intelligent, but building management systems (BMS) are often vulnerable to vulnerabilities that can allow an attacker to gain control of HVAC networks (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning), doors, security systems and other systems

Schneider Electric and Claroty
They strive to eliminate these risks with the help of a new product “Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings”. This solution provides the following features:

  • inventory of IT assets;
  • risk management;
  • remote access for remote system maintenance;
  • threat detection and response.

Facility managers can use this solution to automatically identify assets (IoT, UPS, and other systems). The threat detection feature continuously monitors network and asset anomalies.

The solution also provides secure remote access that can be used by suppliers, contractors and technicians for remote maintenance. Users are also provided with dashboards and reporting capabilities that can be useful for management and security teams.

“The integration of IoT into buildings is causing a shift across the sector, but it also comes with new risks”– said Annique Villeneuve, vice president of digital enterprise solutions at Schneider Electric.

“For intruders who seek to disrupt work or gain financial benefits, buildings can be an ideal target. With this in mind, we, together with Claroty, present our customers with a comprehensive solution that meets the unique safety requirements and operational risks that buildings face today.”Villeneuve added.

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