American Frontier supercomputer overcame the exaflops barrier


HPE Cray EX together with AMD has created the world’s most powerful Frontier supercomputer installed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Frontier soared to the first place in the TOP500 rating with a steady result in the HPL test of 1,102 exaflops per second, and Frontier turned out to be more than twice as productive as the last leader, the Japanese supercomputer Fugaku.

It is worth noting that Frontier was the first in the world to achieve a performance of 1.1 exaflops, which corresponds to 1.1 quintillion calculations per second.

In total, 9.4 thousand 64-core AMD EPYC 7A53 processors are installed in the supercomputer. In addition, there are 37.6 thousand AMD Instinct MI250X accelerators. The storage capacity is about 700 petabytes. Completely Frontier occupies an area of 372 square meters.

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