Ukrainian providers intentionally intercept and block the traffic of Runet resources


After the start of the military special operation, some Ukrainian providers began to use a new principle of cyber attacks against Russian Internet resources. Experts from StormWall and Qrator Labs told Vedomosti about this.

We are talking about BGP Hijacking technology — intentional interception of traffic, in which an attacker can read and modify the transmitted data packets, as well as redirect them to other addresses or block transmission.

Ramil Khantimirov, CEO of the StormWall information technology company, said that a cyberattack of this kind could cause traffic routing violations, increase delays up to complete network unavailability of an Internet resource.

The founder and CEO of Qrator Labs, Alexander Lyamin, noted that there is currently no significant surge in the number of BGP traffic intercepts from the Ukrainian side.

According to Lyamin, a significant incident involving the use of this technique occurred on March 8, when the Ukrainian Internet provider Lurenet made a massive interception of traffic networks of the Russian Federation. The incident affected 146 autonomous systems around the world. Because of this, services based on these networks were unavailable from different regions of the world for ten hours.

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