The industry is under threat of frequent cyber attacks


The number of vulnerabilities in the food supply chain increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, the subsequent crisis and Russia’s ongoing special operation in Ukraine. Now there is a threat to the security of food supply chains.

The growing use of intelligent technologies has minimized human labor in warehouses and agriculture, but has increased the risk of cyber attacks. An attacker can exploit vulnerabilities in agricultural equipment for a malicious campaign. For packaging suppliers, digitalization has provided tremendous efficiency by automating work and reducing waste, however, vulnerabilities have appeared in the IT system.

The packaging industry is particularly vulnerable due to its dependence on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) . The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has led to an active increase in the number of IoT devices that are susceptible to compromise. To mitigate future attacks, the company must implement a firewall to increase its resilience to cyber threats.

One of the biggest threats to packaging companies is a ransomware attack, in which hackers threaten to leak data or block access to a device before paying a ransom. Companies dealing with advanced materials are not interested in the amount of redemption and high costs, but access to intellectual property in relation to new technologies and applications. Therefore, cyber protection is especially important for organizations with a large amount of confidential information.

Last year, a cyberattack on the manufacturer of glass and metal packaging Ardagh Group cost the company $ 34 million . Moreover, malicious campaigns have led to delays in deliveries and disruptions in the work of many companies. To ensure continuous operation, companies should maintain a workforce until automation systems are restored. Geopolitical instability only indicates an increase in the frequency of cyber attacks, since government hackers pose a threat to enterprises in various countries.

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