Interpol arrests three Nigerians for online fraud


Interpol has arrested three Nigerians in Lagos as part of an international operation codenamed Killer Bee. The men are suspected of using Agent Tesla RAT to redirect financial transactions and steal confidential data of corporate organizations. The police found fake documents, including invoices and official letters, in the suspects’ possession.

Agent Tesla, first discovered in late 2014, is an extremely popular Remote Access Trojan (RAT) used by attackers to steal credentials, keylogging, clipboard data collection and other information from victims. Cybercriminal groups and hackers engaged in espionage use Agent Tesla because of its stability, flexibility and functionality.

The operation Killer Bee involved the headquarters of the Interpol General Secretariat, the national Central Bureau and law enforcement agencies from 11 countries of Southeast Asia.

One of the scammers, Hendrix Omorume, was charged and convicted on three counts of serious financial fraud, he faces a year in prison. Two other Nigerians are on trial.

“Thanks to the global police network and constant monitoring of cyberspace, Interpol has the necessary data to warn Nigeria of a serious security threat, where millions could have been lost without prompt police action,” Interpol Cybercrime Director Craig Jones said. “As operational information becomes available and investigations are carried out, new arrests of attackers around the world are expected.”

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