How to Lose $1.5 Million in One Click: A Fraudster Stole 29 Moonbird NFT Tokens using a Phishing Link


One of the members of Proof Collective became a victim of a fraudster, losing 29 high-value Moonbird tokens based on Ethereum. According to tweet Published by Cirrus on Wednesday morning, the victim lost 29 Moonbird NFT tokens worth $1.5 million after following a malicious link shared by a fraudster.

NFT-Dollar Investor stated that the identity of the fraudster has already been partially established by the crypto exchange, and the Proof Collective members are currently working on a full report for the FBI.

Several other users claim that the same fraudster insisted on using a fake platform to make a deal.

It is unknown how many victims were deceived by the criminal, but the latest theft is a harsh reminder to even the most experienced NFT investors that they need to be on their guard when it comes to scammers. Experts recommend that NFT owners be careful when working with unfamiliar platforms and double-check messages even from trustworthy users.

Recall that not so long ago, the account of the famous NFT artist Mike Winkelmann was hacked. In a few hours, the attackers managed to earn 438 thousand dollars in cryptocurrency and NFT.

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