The production of Elbrus processors will be transferred from Taiwan to Zelenograd


The developer of the Russian Elbrus processors, MCST, is currently negotiating the possibility of transferring production to the Micron plant in Zelenograd. This is reported by RBC. The technological product was previously manufactured at TSMC, located in Taiwan. TSMC allows to produce processors from 90 to 5 nanometers. Experimental production of a 3-nanometer process was also launched and a 2-nanometer one was taken into development.

However, after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, TSMC stopped cooperating with Russian companies due to US sanctions. Due to restrictions, companies need to obtain a special license to export high-tech products to Russia that use American technologies.

The representative of the MCST said that anti-Russian sanctions no longer allow manufacturing abroad. He noted that in Russia it is possible to produce processors of good quality with an independent technological base in local factories that would be suitable for many infrastructures.

A source of RBC in the IT market believes that the MCST will have to spend several billion rubles and at least a year to transfer production to Micron. The interlocutor of the publication also considered the transition to microcircuits based on topology from 90 nanometers (nm) “a big step back” and stated that “in the near future you should not count on your own production using 28 nm technology, nor on reaching an agreement with other foreign factories.”

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