The Killnet gang announced a “large-scale and unprecedented” attack on Italy


The pro-Russian KillNet gang is threatening Italy again, it announced a massive and unprecedented attack on May 30.

The pro—Russian group of “hacktivists” Killnet is one of the most active non-state structures operating since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine. KillNet began its work on February 25, 2022, before that, the group apparently sold niche hacking software. The group has declared war on Anonymous and Western countries, it has its own Telegram channel with tens of thousands of participants.

Researchers from cyberknow have published a chronology of attacks carried out by hacktivists:

CyberKnown believes that hackers have united into a semi-formal structured organization, the KillNet Order of Battle (ORBAT).

“With different levels of command and setting tasks. The analysis suggests that, regardless of the sophistication of the attacks, criminals have a reliable management and control structure,” CyberKnown believes.

One of the main targets of the bandits is Italy. The group called its members to action by providing them with a list of Italian targets, including banks, media, energy companies and more. At the moment, the attacks have not caused problems for Italian organizations, only three government websites were unavailable during the first wave of attacks.

Now the group has announced a massive attack on Italy, scheduled for Monday, 30 at 05:00, the gang also threatens Anonymous hacktivists.

Below are the messages published by Killnet in Telegram:

The Italian csirt has published a warning that there are signs and threats of possible imminent attacks, in particular, on national state organizations, private organizations of critical infrastructure, or private organizations whose image is identified with the country of Italy.

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