The Austrian federal state of Carinthia has been subjected to a daring attack by cyber extortionists


BlackCat ransomware, also known as ALPHV, attacked the Austrian federal state of Carinthia, demanding $5 million to unlock computer systems. Thousands of workstations were blocked during the attack, which led to serious disruptions in the work of public services.

Carinthia’s website and email service are temporarily down. The government cannot issue new passports and fine for traffic violations. In addition, the BlackCat attack prevented COVID testing in the region from being completed.

According to the statement of the representative of the state Gerd Kurat, the demands of the attackers will not be met. According to the press secretary, there is currently no evidence of the theft of any data from government systems. Kurat added that now the goal of government specialists is to restore workstations using backups.

Currently, there are no materials from Carinthia on the BlackCat website. Most likely, the incident occurred recently or hackers are still continuing their negotiations with the victim.

Recall that by the end of the first quarter of this year, BlackCat had hacked at least 60 enterprises around the world, taking the position of one of the most active and dangerous groups of cyber extortionists. Such well-known companies and brands as Moncler and Swissport managed to enter the list of its victims.

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