Russian hackers pose threat to British hospitals


International security expert Melanie Garson from University College London expressed concern about the national security of Great Britain. In particular, she is concerned about cyber attacks on British hospitals carried out by Russian hackers in order to destroy the healthcare infrastructure and sow panic among patients, their relatives and friends.

Garson recalled that earlier this month, the Russian hacker group Killnet threatened to turn off the ventilators if the British authorities did not release the cyber fraudster they arrested, allegedly working for a pro-Russian hacker group. In her opinion, the situation with the wave of cyberattacks of extortionate software Wannacry in 2017, which caused serious damage to the IT infrastructure of the National Health Service of Great Britain, may repeat.

Another example is related to the Russian hacker group Coldriver, which recently published stolen emails of the former head of MI6 Richard Dearlove on the Web.

According to an investigation by Reuters journalists, Coldriver is responsible for the leak in 2020 of the campaign for Britain’s exit from the European Union, prepared by Theresa May.

Now Coldriver is carrying out phishing attacks on Ukrainian officials in order to steal critical data on military, financial and other assistance to Ukraine from foreign partners.

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