Fraudsters began to use the Russians’ numbers to substitute


Law-abiding Russians turned out to be unwitting accomplices of scammers. IP telephony allows criminals to simulate calls from any phone number, even a non-existent one, and more and more people are complaining about attempts to extract money made using the numbers of ordinary citizens whose owners are not aware of what is happening.

As Evgenia Lazareva, the head of the Moshelovka platform, explained to Izvestia, over the past month, the portal has been receiving messages from Russians whose numbers are used for substitution. Ordinary Russians call them and claim that a call was received from this number allegedly from a “bank employee” who tried to find out personal information.

At the same time, the subscribers themselves did not make any calls and are not related to fraudulent schemes. Most of the attacks on citizens’ accounts come from call centers that are located in unfriendly countries, Lazareva noted.

Russians whose contacts are used by attackers will have to spend a lot of effort to prove their innocence to the crime, experts say. An unsuspecting subscriber whose number is used by intruders may be blacklisted by the Central Bank.

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