ERMAC 2.0: The Trojan has returned and the attackers are ready to pay for it


ESET researchers have discovered a campaign to steal bank data from 467 Android applications. According to experts, cybercriminals pay $5,000 per month for using the ERMAC Trojan.

Researchers from Cyble also published their research and claim that hackers pay from $5,000 to $21,000 every month for access to the banking data of Android users. Seeing the demand for their Trojan, the developers gathered to present a new version of ERMAC, invulnerable to known protection systems and capable of spying on the victim.

And experts from the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team found evidence of the existence of critical vulnerabilities in the Android system that allow hackers to install backdoors on devices. According to insiders, vulnerabilities have been discovered in software provided to mobile operators by the Israeli company MCE Systems and there are already fixes for them that must be installed by network administrators.

Redmond experts added that Google Play did not detect such vulnerabilities in applications until March of this year. However, in April, the service began to flag vulnerable applications, protecting users from infection with malware, Trojans and mobile ransomware.

Earlier we wrote about another Trojan – Joker, distributed through Google Play. The Trojan is able to intercept codes from SMS and bypass anti-fraud solutions.

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